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School Holiday Swimming lessons

Have you taken the winter off swimming? Need a refresher before starting Term 4 lessons? or perhaps your swimmer has spent a while at the same level and needs a boost to learn the required skills to progress on to the next level?

There are many reasons why families take up school holiday swimming lessons, we have many families who ONLY attend school holiday blocks due to busy schedules or shared care arrangements making term time swim classes near impossible to juggle.

Whatever the reason there is no denying that attending swim classes every day for an intensive block of either 5 or 10 lessons over the duration of 1-2 weeks has unbeatable results. The swimming skills are taught everyday allowing the swimmers brain to retain the information more effectively resulting in the swimmers physical swimming skills to improve rapidly in a short space of time.

Every child learns in their own unique way and time, for some, swimming once a week long term is an adequate formula, for other's this can be too much time in between lessons to retain the information required to master the skills within their level.

Children have typical spikes and plateaus in their learning within all areas of their lives and in swimming we see this all the time. If a child speeds through a level or two rapidly, at some point they need to plateau to consolidate all the skills learnt.

For some swimmers, it just take's a little longer at each level to learn all the skills required to progress on. This is where 'school holiday block intensives' are so effective, it gives the swimmer a positive boost to help work on specific skills to progress forward.

As well as countless physical benefits to swimming in a school holiday block intensive, there are also emotional benefits to mastering new skills (especially if the swimmer has been struggling with it for a while) such as confidence, self belief, and self satisfaction.

And finally as a mother of four whose children attend nearly every holiday block we do it because its FUN, we love having a warm indoor activity to fill our school holidays with year round.

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