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The Kapiti Learn to Swim team

Mandi McKenzie

I’m Mandi Mckenzie and I would like to tell you a bit about myself, my history and how Kapiti learn to Swim evolved. I am a Kapiti Coaster born and bred! I married a Kapiti Coaster and have 4 children and numerous grandchildren. All of who are water babies.

I was a competitive swimmer throughout the late 60’s and 70’s and I came from a very aquatic orientated family. We all swam (some competitively) and 3 of us ended up teaching at Learn to Swim.

It has always been where I feel at home. Basically, being in the water and with children is my natural habitat. Kapiti Learn to Swim was conceived and born here on the Kapiti Coast back in October 1994. I was teaching swimming 15 years before then so already had a lot of experience and knowledge to build my business.

For many years now I have taught 1000’s of Kapiti Coasters (mostly) children and adults to swim. All of my time in the pool to date, working with families and children has meant my knowledge and confidence has grown to such an extent that it has been my compass for the business. It is very important that the swimming journey is an enjoyable journey for all our swimmers.

New Zealand's drowning rate is appalling. I believe water Safety should be ‘top of mind’ for every parent. Supervising and practising safe water practices we believe are our best defence to drowning.

I 100% believe in our program and I want to encourage you to jump on board and enjoy the ride.

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