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Pre-school classes

Learning to swim can be one of the most memorable experiences of childhood, a rite of passage, a gift of freedom, a burst of self esteem!

  • Swim classes for children 3-5 years old

  • Classes are 25 minutes long

  • Four to one child teacher ratio

  • Four levels of continuous progress,
    from beginner to competent swimmer

  • Proven teaching methods

  • Equal focus on fun and learning

Our Pre school programme


We pride ourselves on being a child paced programme, ​where your child can grow to reach their full potential. Our first goal is to ensure they are happy in the water and developing trust with their teacher. As they progress they will learn a series of skills from safe entries and exit's, happy under the water, kicking, floating, back float and turns. These vital skills are the foundations for learning to swim.  ​Seahorse (beginner) Duckling, Tadpole and Eel (competent swimmer) These four levels take our little swimmers from beginner to competent.

Our teachers


Our teaching methods are continuously being fine tuned since Mandi Mckenzie first began in October 1994. At Kapiti Learn to swim we have a high quality experienced teaching team who are passionate about delivering the best to our customers. All our team are fully qualified or are on their way to obtaining their Swimming New Zealand qualifications. Every teacher and receptionist holds a current first aid certificate.

Having Fun and learning


Children LOVE coming along to their swimming lesson each week because we make sure every lesson is filled with fun. Our teachers know how to give positive, effective feedback to keep our little swimmers feeling happy on the inside. 



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