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Adult Swimming classes

  • ​Learn to swim for adults wanting to improve their technique in the water.

  • Exclusive or group lessons in a 32 degree non-chlorinated pool.

  • One on one private lesson with a programme catering for your specific needs. 

  • You are never too old to start, we had an 86 year old join us for swimming lessons once!!

Examples of poor swimming technique

  • Head position too high in the water​

  • Swimmer over thinking the breathing, not relaxed and therefore forcing the exhale/inhale

  • Kicking incorrectly and not understanding the motor movement of the kick.

  • Poor body position

  • Over or under rotating when breathing in freestyle.

Benefits of enhancing your swimming
  • Have a higher chance of survival if you're ever in danger​

  • Swim for fitness and enjoyment

  • Develop a more efficient stroke to swim further or faster.

  • Many more health benefits

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