1. All swimmers are assessed from week 2. Once a swimmer has achieved a skill 3 times the skill is mastered and marked off as such.  When all the skills required for the relevant level are mastered the swimmer will advance up to the next level at that time.

  2. All bookings are 'rolled over' at the completion of week 6. A 50% deposit must be received by the deadline date specified in the newsletter. 

  3. All UNPAID bookings at deadline time will be deleted making way for new bookings. Unless there is a payment plan arrangement in place. Payments can be made by cash, eftpos, cheque or Direct Debit. 

  4. Please note we do not refund money for fees unused or carry over the sum of any unused lessons over to any following term or holiday block.

  5. Under some circumstances we do 'credit' the balance of unused lessons. The credit value is determined by the date of notice we receive.There is no expiry date on credits.

  6. All swimmers must wear a swim cap whilst in the pool. Goggles are optional but are vital once swimmers have reached Seal level for navigation purposes.

  7. Disposable Water Nappies are not permitted in the pool. Kapiti Learn To Swim sell recyclable nappies that are cost effective and good for the environment. 

  8. Make-up lessons are available for sickness at all parent-assisted levels only. There is one Make-Up lesson per term per swimmer dependent on class availability and space permitting. If there is no space for a make-up due to high bookings, make-up is not possible and can not be transferred into a credit or refund. 

  9. Kapiti Learn To Swim reserves the right to change teacher if necessary.

  10. Kapiti Learn To Swim reserves the right to cancel a class if demand doesn't warrant it's feasibility. 

Kapiti Learn To Swim Terms of Enrolment