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School age classes 

  • Classes for children 5 years and up

  • Classes are 30 minutes long

  • Six to one child teacher ratio

  • Eight levels of continuous progress, from beginner to competent

  • Proven teaching methods with a high emphasis on technique first, speed and distance after

  • Equal  focus on fun and learning

  • Free assessment for all new swimmers

We cater to your individual needs

We know from experience that each family has different expectations from us and our programme, what is a competent swimmer can differ from person to person. Some are happy for their child to be able to swim basic freestyle and backstroke while others would like their child to achieve all four strokes and distance. By listening to you we can cater to your individual needs and help you set swimming goals while delivering a high quality programme. Water Safety New Zealand recommends that every New Zealand child can comfortably swim 200m by the age of 12yrs, here at Kapiti Learn to swim we support this bench mark. 

Our School age programme


We pride ourselves on being a child paced programme, ​where your child can grow to reach their full potential. Our first goal is to ensure they are happy in the water and developing trust with their teacher. As they progress they will learn a series of skills from safe entries and exit's, floating on front and back, kicking, bubbles, arms and correct body position which are the fundamentals for developing a strong freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. ​Penguin (beginner), Octopus, Seal, Shark, Stingray, Dolphin, Kingfish and Swim Fit (competent) These eight levels take our swimmers from beginner to competent.

We assess our swimmers every week​, once they have mastered all the required skills for 3 weeks (ideally in a row) we then know the skills are automatic and they are ready for the next level. They are then moved up providing a child centred, child paced programme. A lot of other swim schools only assess once a term.

Swim Fit-mini squad
Our teachers


Our teaching methods are continuously being fine tuned since Mandi Mckenzie first began in October 1994. At Kapiti Learn to swim we have a high quality experienced teaching team who are passionate about delivering the best to our customers. All our team are fully qualified or are on their way to obtaining their Swimming New Zealand qualifications. Every teacher and receptionist holds a current first aid certificate.

Having Fun and learning


Children LOVE coming along to their swimming lesson each week because we make sure every lesson is filled with fun. Our teachers know how to give positive, effective feedback to keep our little swimmers feeling happy on the inside. 

Once your swimmer has completed Kingfish level which is 100 metres freestyle and backstroke, 50 metres breaststroke and 35 metres butterfly they are ready to join our mini squad at the Aquatic centre, here they will build on their skills by adding, diving, tumble turns, endurance, swimming from a programme and using the clock. Swim Fit is a fabulous level for those swimmers who enjoy swimming for fitness or alternatively this can be a great transition for any swimmers wanting to join Raptors swim team. Please ask us for more details.

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