School Holiday

April 25th - 29th


Times for the week are as follows: 
9:00am Octopus
9:00am Stingray
9:30am Shark
9:30am Dolphin
10:00am Octopus
10:00am Stingray
10:30am Octopus
10:30am Kingfish
11:00am Penguin
11:00am Shark
11:30am Octopus
11:30am Seal
12:00pm Private
12:00pm Private
12:20pm Private
12:20pm Private
12:40pm Private
12:40pm Private

School holiday blocks are run in the second week of every school holidays. The school holiday dates are based on the New Zealand primary school term dates.

Lessons are taught every day Monday to Friday regardless of a Public Holiday. The frequency and intensity of the swim tuition enables the swimmers retention level to be high and effective.

Block lessons are a great way to boost your swimmers skills and confidence especially if they have plataued for a while and are needing that extra boost to achieve the skills required for the next level.

If you have had time off structured swimming lessons or you have a busy Term time schedule, these holiday block intensive's are the lessons for you. We have quite a few families who come every school holidays as their term's are too busy to fit swimming lessons in. A great way to manage an essential life skill!