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6 months - 4 years parent assisted classes


Learning to swim can be one of the most memorable experiences of childhood, a rite of passage, a gift of freedom, a burst of self esteem!


Our Philosophy centres on teaching the whole child with joy, playfulness, respect and kindness

The Kapiti Learn to Swim school environment is child friendly, stimulating, stress-free and tailored to the developmental needs of children, enriched with toys, games, colours and manipulatives.

The methods are: 

  • gentle

  • child - centred 

  • age appropriate.



Kapiti Learn to Swim teachers are nurturing, patient and experienced guides who offer skills both to the group but also based on individual readiness


Skills are only introduced when the child is open, relaxed, ready and receptive. Force is never used to rush or push children to learn.


Opting for tear free learning means:

  • no traumatizing

  • no forced back float

  • no forced submersions

Be in the moment with your child and enjoy the process of learning

Along with skilled swim teachers, parents are active co-teachers with us in the pool in a group class format - part of a culture and community of caring, patience, and positive encouragement.

Requirements are that parents are in tune with their child. If your adult expectations (both mum and dad) exceed your child's readiness (ie: you are in a big hurry) - this is not the swim school for you.

Results come with time, practice and patience. This philosophy helps develop happy, safe, confident swimmers who love the water and love learning.

If the above sounds like a good fit to your model, we would love to have you on board!

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