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Term 4 2023

Kapiti Learn to Swim - Term 4 2023


A warm welcome to all our families in Term 4 and a special extended welcome to all our new families joining us for the first time this term.

Please take the time to talk to us about anything related to your child's swimming and/or any queries you have regarding our booking system. We are always here to help, and we look forward to building relationships with you and your family.




13th – 18th Nov. – ‘Swim Safer week’

Friday 1st December – December fees DUE

Monday 4th December – Kingfish assessment week.

Saturday 16th December – Term 4 ends.


Please ensure your billing details are added and up to date for processing monthly fees. We will ONLY debit the amount owing on the 1st. You are still welcome to pay cash or eftpos at the pool to become in credit.





Last Term we farewelled Tracey, Laura & Canada.


Joining us this term, who have been training hard over the past few weeks are:

Sam – Thursday

Maggie – Monday, Friday & Saturday

Eydie – Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Steph – Monday

Stacey – Monday & Saturday (already teaches Wednesday & Thursday)

Michaela – in training


SUMMER is coming!

During the summer months, our pool environment gets warm! Please ensure you and your children are keeping hydrated and not over dressing.

Supervision saves lives. Please ensure your swimmers aren’t entering the pool until instructed to – this includes parents with babies. Non-swimmers are to be supervised at all times and behind the red safety line.



Here at KLTS we have designed a programme where skills need to be achieved before going up to the next level, making it a child paced programme rather than age based. Each level integrates into the next to create a seamless journey of progress over the years spent here. We pride ourselves in the belief that technique comes first, followed by speed. Every swimmer will reach certain goals at their own pace and we help guide them through in a fun and holistic way. To consolidate skills learnt with us we recommend you take them down to the Aquatic centre to 'back' up what they are learning at least once a week, this will ensure you are getting the most out of learning to swim with us, you will be amazed at how much faster the skills are consolidated- spending time together and learning is a win win! This is especially true for all our ONCE a week Diaper Dolphin swimmers. Twice weekly makes the swimming journey so much easier to retain for our infants. Also playing YouTube clips of what ‘the end result’ to show what they are working towards helps.



Siblings poolside:

Please feel free to bring toys/colouring in/books/activities for your non-swimming children.

Goggles and Cap – Please make sure your swimmer is wearing a cap and well fitted goggles. We have both for purchase here at reception. We don’t always have time to refit googles during our lessons.

Rash tops – Please avoid wearing these as they cause drag in the water.


Please make sure you arrive 5minutes before your lesson is due to start and are ready to get swimming.



We are currently looking for instructors to join our team – availability is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please email us at if you are interested.


If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please see our receptionist. Please avoid trying to discuss your swimmers progress etc. with instructors in the pool as this cuts in to the next lessons time. Our receptionist will then pass on messages to the instructors before your child’s next lesson.




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