Kapiti Learn To Swim-Term 1 


A warm welcome to all our families in Term 1 and a special extended welcome to all our new families joining us for the first time this term. We trust you have enjoyed the summer break and are feeling ready for the term ahead.

Please take the time to talk to us about anything related to your child's swimming and/or any queries you have regarding anything. We are always here to help, and we look forward to building relationships with you and your family.



1st Feb – 7th February                         Balance of all fees to be paid in full this week. Unless paying weekly.

6th &  8th February                               NO SWIMMING-WAITANGI Day & day observed

15th March-25th March                            Term 2 'Roll-Over' payment week (details to be advised at the time)

25th March (Thursday)                              Term 2 payment deadline for all bookings 'rolling over’.

2nd and 5th April                                  NO SWIMMING -GOOD FRIDAY & EASTER MONDAY

17th April                                               Final day of Term 1

26th-30th April                                       April School Holiday booster block

3rd May-10th July                                  Term 2 dates 2021



We will not be running lessons on Saturday the 6th and Monday 8th February; this lesson will be ‘made up’ on Monday 12th and Saturday 17th April. We will not be running lessons on Good Friday 2nd and Easter Monday 5th April; the Friday make up lesson will be 16th April. All swimmers on Monday Term 1 swim 9 weeks, everyone else swims 10 lessons, fees have been adjusted accordingly.



Over the years an increasing number of families have been opting for our automatic payment option. This helps to make swimming affordable 'year-round' to ensure that it is prioritised for the lifelong safety of your child/ren. It is essential that if choosing this option that you commit to regular AP amounts, so you do not fall behind.

If this is something you may be interested, please ask us at reception.



Please be vigilant during booking times, please read signs, emails, Facebook updates and newsletters to ensure you know the deadline dates required for Term 1 payment. If you are unsure of anything, please ask us so you don’t miss out on a desired spot.


TERM 4 2020

After a unpredictable year it was wonderful to swim a full term, ending with a great week of water safety just in time for summer days. We had the pleasure of hosting Paraparaumu Primary junior school, 135 children who all progressed so well over their time with us. Overall, it was a fabulous term, it is our ongoing pleasure to work with your children and the families of our community, watching each and every swimmer grow in confidence and skills over the term and year.

We said goodbye to Michelle who sadly ending her chapter with us at Kapiti Learn To Swim, we wish her all the very best on her next stage of life, she will both be missed very much.



We are delighted to have Dee who has recently arrived from Otaki School where she has been a teacher aide for many years’ and Lucia who is a past swimmer of ours comes with a vast, grounding knowledge, of the swim skills and their strokes. They have been busy training over the past 4 weeks and are ready for term one fun.

And we are excited to have Sammy, Charlotte, Jazmin, Sarah and Evie attend an AustSwim course late last year, we are big believers in upskilling and education, keeping our knowledge and skills fresh to ensure our teaching maintains the high standard we adhere to. All teachers are well on their way to completing their course content and obtaining their AustSwim qualification.



Please remember to drive at 10kms per hour down the driveway, we would rather you to be 1min late for your lesson than have a life-threatening incident. There are blind spots and children everywhere in the car park, my four children who live in the house in front of the pool, I watch so many drivers speed carelessly down the drive putting others at risk. Driving too fast also ‘chews’ up the asphalt on the driveway unnecessarily. We do want you all to be on time but safely on time! Thank you.



Every term we make attendance sticker cards which lives down the southern end by reception for each child, it is filed alphabetically by first name. Each week your pre-schooler puts a sticker on it, at the end of the term you take it home with you. We have noticed that some of the cards not being used, so just a gentle reminder these are here for your child’s benefit. Please ask the reception if you forgot to collect your one last term.



Here at Kapiti Learn To Swim we have designed a programme where skills need to be achieved before going up to the next level, making it a child paced programme rather than age based.

Each level integrates into the next to create a seamless journey of progress over the years spent here.  We pride ourselves in the belief that technique comes first, followed by speed.

Every swimmer will reach certain goals at their own pace and we help guide them through in a fun and holistic way.

To consolidate skills learnt with us we recommend you take them down to the Aquatic centre to 'back' up what they are learning at least once a week, this will ensure you are getting the most out of learning to swim with us, you will be amazed at how much faster the skills are consolidated- spending time together and learning is a win win! This is especially true for all our ONCE-a-week Diaper Dolphin swimmers. Twice weekly makes the swimming journey so much easier to retain for our infants.

Also playing YouTube clips of what ‘the end result’ to show what they are working towards helps.



Parents, please could you help your children out by ensuring their togs, caps, goggles are correctly fitted prior to their lesson beginning, this will ensure they maximise every minute of their lesson. Also, please return any LOANED caps or goggles.

Boys-please no board shorts, boy leg lycra togs are much better at creating less drag in the water, please check reception.

Girls- please no bikinis or any loose straps which fall off the shoulder. Thank you.

Caps are compulsory for ALL swimmers including babies and can be purchased for $17 from reception, please ensure you have your own. Re cyclable nappies are also compulsory, we do not allow ‘little swimmers’ disposable nappies as these can interfere with our pump system.




Just a friendly reminder to arrive 10 mins before your child’s class. In our experience we have learnt that less rushing helps aid children into a smooth transition, which creates a better learning environment, therefore better overall swimming results and progress.



We are slowly getting more of our customers 'liking' our Kapiti Learn to Swim Facebook & Instagram page. If you are on Facebook or Instagram and have not done so yet, I suggest you find us and 'like' us.

We have been using FACEBOOK and Instagram more regularly as another way to get information across to you all.

We will be taking photos this term to post up showing the progress and fun that goes on here at Kapiti Learn to Swim, we will ALWAYS require permission before posting up photos.


Have a fantastic term everyone,

Thank you and Enjoy From,

The KLTSWIM team.