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"I'd just like to take a minute and thank KLTS for everything they have done for my daughter.
She started as a little 12 month old in the baby classes and made her way through the levels. At one point I wondered if it would ever click with her as she stayed at the same level for quite some time.
We did some holiday block sessions and persevered.

Then, from all the support and encouragement from Mandi, Jacqui and the rest of the team, Lucia graduated and started swim fit.

More and more confidence built and Lucia wanted to swim more and more.
She started with Waikanae Swim Club for the 2016/2017 summer season and it has been mentioned to me many times how precise Lucia's technique is. I know that all comes down to KLTS and their teaching.


On Friday Lucia put her name down to complete a half mile (24 lengths of Waikanae Pool) freestyle. She remembered what Mandi had taught her and completed it with ease.... she decided to keep going for a mile but decided to keep going after that too.

She smashed 2 miles and was absolutely ecstatic!
Thank you KLTS! You guys are the BEST!!

- Lucy Cameron

  March 19th 2017

"Both my kids are doing great here, with such attentive teachers. Even when the kids are tired/grizzly the teachers take it in their stride and work with whatever they are faced with."

- Amy Cook

  March 17th 2017


"A huge thank you for such a brilliant term for our youngest swimmer! She has taken her time to realise she can do it and Jacqui was fantastic guiding her and giving her the challenge she needed. We're so proud of her and she is of herself! All of your teachers are fantastic and it's food for the soul watching our kids learning in such a fun environment. Keep up the brilliant job you all do!"

- Carrie Summers 

  July 1st 2016

"An amazing swim school! My kids have all loved their learn to swim experience, the teachers are fantastic and the techniques used to teach the kids are brilliant! Highly recommended to all kids who are looking to learn to swim!"

- Nadia Booth

  May 16th 2016

"An excellent swim school. The instructors are brilliant, and know how to get the best from every child. Couldn't recommend them highly enough."

- Leah Cameron

  November 5th 2014

"We love Kapiti Learn to Swim. The teachers are so lovely. The kids love going to swimming lessons."

- Mary Thomas

  May 15th 2014


"Our 6 year old son has made fantastic progress. He has been having one on one swimming tuition at Kapiti Learn To Swim over the last year. He has gone from not being prepared to put his head under the water to confidently diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys and with support, breast stroking across the pool.


His tutor has provided him with an excellent programme suited to his learning differences and motor skill delay. As a result we have a son who loves being in the water and is learning invaluable water safety skills.


I highly recommend Kapiti Learn To Swim for parents looking for a highly skilled set of tutors in a welcoming and well maintained vibrant environment for their child to learn to swim."


- Gina Verhaart

  June 11, 2009


"Our Family has been living in the Kapiti Coast for the past 3 years. When we arrived we were keen to enrol our children in a local swim school. We came along to Kapiti Learn To Swim to see what they had on offer and haven't looked back!


Learning to swim is a real priority for our family and we currently have 3 children enrolled in their pre- school learn to swim programme. The staff at Kapiti Learn To Swim are always warm and friendly. They are encouraging of children in their classes and work very hard at ensuring children develop water confidence and age appropriate skills.


They have carefully guided our children through the various preschools levels, always ensuring they have developed the required skills before moving them on to the next level; never pushing them beyond their limits until they are ready and at various times taking their fears and anxieties into consideration as well.


The staff have always shown great patience with our preschoolers but most of all the classes are fun! Our children always look forward to their swimming lessons and as a result we have some very confident water babies in our family.


We really enjoy the relationship we have with Kapiti Learn To Swim. We feel we are part of a wider swimming family and we look forward to a long association with Kapiti Learn To Swim over the next few years and think we are so lucky we took the time to investigate the swim school."


- Siobhan Thomson

  June 11, 2009

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