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Practising when not in lessons

There are many ways to ensure that your child is practicing the skills used in swimming lessons. Here are some tips to help:

Get In The Water

Even if you can’t make your regular lesson throughout the holiday period try to get your child into the water at least once a week. Whether it’s the local pool, beach, river or dam – exposure to water is a great way to keep skills up to date and apply skills learned in swimming lessons. Warmer climates will offer many avenues for getting wet but even if it’s not Summer where you are (or if you’re lucky enough to be on holidays in a cooler climate) there should be opportunities to swim at holiday park, hotel or resort pools.

Practise Skills

While in the water take the opportunity to practise those skills that are taught during weekly lessons. Remember the Learn To Swim process and pick skills from each building block that are appropriate

for your child.

  • Water Familiarisation

  • Breath Control

  • Submersion

  • Floating

  • Propulsion

  • Breathing

  • Water Safety


Studies have proven that exploration is a great way for children to learn new milestones and improve existing skills. Give your child ample experience to play, explore and enjoy time in the water. This fun exploration time may offer them the opportunity to experience skills that they haven’t yet tried at their lessons. They may improve existing skills by playing and enjoying some free time in the water in a less structured environment.

Have Fun!

Ensure that your child is enjoying the swimming experience by joining them in the water. Participate with your child and see the joy on their face of spending fun time in the water with their parent. Races, games and water discovery are all great ways to bond with your child while improving skills in the water. You may even improve your own skills!

Enjoy the holidays and time off with your child and make the most of any time spent in the water!

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