to provide the Kapiti Coast with a child paced learn to swim programme, based on innovative sound principles and proven techniques.

Kapiti Learn to swim has been operating since October 1994. Since our beginning Kapiti Learn to Swim has taught many thousands of children and adults to become water confident, fluent and efficient swimmers. Our skilled teachers are passionate about their role and it shows.

At Kapiti Learn to Swim we believe being SAFE in the water is a vital life skill.

Welcome and enjoy your learn to swim journey.

Our Mission is...

Swimmer of the week 

Theo Fountain has been putting in 100% in his Octopus class-Kai Pai Theo! Enjoy your cupcake and fluffy- Keep up the great work! 

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Learn to swim


From babies to adults, everyone loves to have fun and learn at their own pace.


Kapiti Learn To Swim has taught many thousands of children and adults to become competent swimmers since 1994.  Many graduates have become national and a few, international champions!


Being water safe is our primary focus. The Kapiti Learn to Swim programme is designed with this in mind. 

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